In relation to the existing Law on the liability of legal entities, the company Cree Europe has an model of organization that contains the rules and procedures for the prevention of crimes within its organization. The model of organization provides the appointment of a supervisory body and a code of ethics that sets out the general rules of behavior to which everyone in the company must comply.

Code of Conduct

The code of ethics defines a set of principles of conduct that reflects specific criteria of adequacy and opportunity, in a particular cultural, social or professional environment.

All of us at Cree – who work with us or for us – we share a common code of conduct that governs the rights, responsibilities and opportunities for everyone. Managers, employees and Cree collaborators make part of an organized entity founded on ethical principles and values and rules of behavior considered essential, which should inspire the choices and actions of all those who act on behalf and in the interest of the company.

Read here the Cree Code of Conduct:  

Organisation Model

As well as its Ethics Code, Cree Europe has also adopted on date 04/02/2014 an Organisation, management and control Model, thus adhering to the principles indicated in Italian Legislative Decree No. 231/2001, with the aim of drawing up lines of behaviour to be followed by company employees both when dealing with each other and when managing the various tasks assigned them, in compliance with company policies.

Adoption of Organisation Model 231 represents an important step towards achieving the goals foreseen as good company practice, as it provides shareholders, the financial community and stakeholders with a guarantee that the laws and regulations foreseen for business activities are being properly applied.

Assuming that the model of organization is a powerful tool for raising awareness to engage in fair and transparent conduct, through the adoption of the Model, Cree Europe intends to pursue the following objectives:

  • prohibit conduct that could constitute criminal offense referred to the Decree;
  • raise awareness that violation of the Decree, the Model provisions and the Code of Ethics principles, foresees the application of sanctions (fines and disqualification), also to the company itself;
  • enable the company, through a structure of policies and procedures and a constant monitoring of the proper implementation of such a system, to prevent and / or contrast any violation to the Decree.

The provisions of the Model are binding for administrators and for all those who play in Europe Cree or its organizational units with financial and functional autonomy, functions of representation, administration and management or management and control, de facto, the executive and employees, contractors, business partners and suppliers subject to the direction or supervision of the top management of the Company.

The Supervisory Board

Notification of any violations to the Model under Italian Legislative Decree 231/01 and/or any other information relating to implementation thereof must be sent to the Supervisory Board, in writing and not anonymously, to the following addresses:

Reports may be made by any person including employees, members of the governing bodies and independent auditors, customers, suppliers, consultants, employees, shareholders, partners of Cree Europe or its subsidiaries and other third parties. When the Supervisory Board receives reports activates an investigation which is composed by the steps of registration, evaluation and preliminary assessment, verification and possible actions. In any case, the Supervisory Board shall protect the anonymity of the informant. For any information or clarification please contact the Supervisory Board ( or